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I take pride in my work, and all prints are guaranteed: If you don't like it, send it back in one piece and without coffee stains and I will refund your money. If I consider an image unsuitable for the size requested, I will contact the buyer to discuss it. No stock is kept on hand. Each order is custom-printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, which adds several days to the order. Prints generally ship in 7-10 business days, up to 3 weeks in the summer (June - Sept) when I'm traveling. For any questions, please call . Landscape Imagery is based in windy Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

Note the image number from the gallery (For example: "134" or "20054017"). Please ensure you are ordering the correct image number (This is the sacrifice you must make for being spared the annoying "Add to Cart" button on every page.)
SHIPPING: All prices are US dollars and include domestic shipping. I no longer ship internationally.
TAX: Orders sent to Wyoming addresses must add 4% sales tax at checkout.

Email the following information to samcox@landscapeimagery.com, or call :
1) The image number. 
2) The quantity and size(s) of the print you want (see chart below).
3) Matte or glossy finish? Matte is the default and recommended finish.
4) Shipping address.
5) You will be sent an invoice by email for payment by check.

1) Find the size of the print you want.
2) In that row, enter the image number. Be sure you enter this number correctly. For multiple images of the same size, enter all image numbers in the Image Number field, then enter the total quantity on the following page. For multiple images of varying sizes, you'll need to complete multiple transactions (Hey, I'm a photographer, not a web developer).
3) Choose glossy or matte finish. Matte is the default and recommended finish. 
4) Click on the payment button to the right to be taken to a secure Paypal page to enter your payment information. 

Size (inches)1
Purchase Information (Required)
5x7 $40.00
Image Number
Print Finish
Image Number
Print Finish
11x16 $50.00
Image Number
Print Finish
16x24 $75.00
Image Number
Print Finish
20x30 $95.00
Image Number
Print Finish
24x36 $110.00
Image Number
Print Finish

1All prints are full-frame, meaning they represent the true proportions of a 35-mm negative. Enlargements can be cropped to 8x10, 11x14 or other standard frame sizes: Include this information in the "special instructions" field when you check out.


All images are available for use in marketing projects or public-service. Click here to view a partial Client List. Images can be scanned and resized to any practical size. Purchase of an image-use license will include a signed single-use license. You must agree to the terms of the single-use license before purchase and use. For questions please call Sam at ..

BASIC TERMS: Permission is granted for the following image(s) to be used for ____________ without restrictions on the number of copies printed, or the length of time in use. Copyright of all images remains with Landscape Imagery Nature Photography. Images are not licensed exclusively. Usage rights are non-transferable. Satisfaction is guaranteed or a full refund will be given within 30 days of purchase.

You will need to know the image number(s) you are interested in. The image number is listed directly beneath every full-sized image (For example: "134, 125, 20054017" ). All prices are in US dollars.

EMAIL THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION to samcox@landscapeimagery.com:
1) The image number(s) you want to use.
2) The quantity and resolution of the image(s) you want to use (see chart below). 
3) The intended use of the image. For example: catalog, website, business card, map cover
4) Do you want to download the image or receive it via CD for an extra $5.00?
5) You will receive an invoice by email as soon as possible. Payment is accepted by check or credit card.

Image License

300dpi TIF/JPG 2400x3600-pixel image for printing - Customer Download
$35 each
$25 each
72 dpi JPG 1280x1024-pixel image for web page - Customer Download/Email
$20 each
$15 each

Please inquire about any unique image needs. Image manipulation is available at nominal additional cost. 


Privacy Policy: Landscape Imagery does not sell, trade or rent any personal information.