Thursday, October 16, 2003

The next morning was clear and cool, with a slight breeze. We decided the parking lot was too exposed to cook breakfast in, so we drove off down the road to the first picnic area. Here we cooked oatmeal and tried to restore order to the explosion of gear and clothing in the trunk. That actually occupied us for some time. The sun rose higher and it grew warmer. I endeavored to take off my long johns, whereupon the first hikers I had seen all day came traipsing right by the car, sending me ducking for cover. They can sense it. Actually, I examined their packs and noticed they had no packs. Each of them had their gear inside a mesh bag that was tied to an aluminum frame with straps. I saw no tent and very little of anything else. True lightweight backpackers. I was impressed, but not willing to give up my tent yet.

Once everything was loaded up, we departed the picnic area, and within minutes, left the park behind. That day we visited historical Civil War Battlefields around Fredericksburg on our way to Arlington, where we spent the next few days touring Washington DC.

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