Frank learned to play frisbee when he was about 4 months old.  By the time he was 1 year old, he was pretty decent, and could catch some throws, although he was by no means consistent.  By the time Frank was two years old, he was excellent at the game, and at 2 1/2 he is a finely tuned athlete in the sport.  He and I play the game every day the weather is good, and often twice a day.  This is why he is so skinny I think (He has access to food 24/7).  He can run over 30 mph and grab a frisbee out of my hand at 7 feet.  The problem of photographing such a fast moving object should be apparent in the following. Frank's skills have inspired me to conceive an entirely new sport: doggy football (modeled after football, but with a frisbee).  Watch for more on this later.

Frisbee update July 2000: Frank was looking good and he and I were set to enter the annual Fort Collins Disc Dog Competition on June 17th. Extreme misfortune befell Frank the week before the competition when he somehow injured his back right leg to the point where jumping and even running were impossible. He has been limping around for two weeks now and still has trouble with stairs. The vet isn't quite sure what to make of it. Frank and I are both hoping he heals quickly so we can get out there and have some fun with the frisbee. Check out more on the Disc Dogs at The Northern Colorado Disc Dogs and at Disc Dog Quarterly.

Fisbee update December 2000: After the vet said Frank would not be able to walk normally, much less play frisbee, without surgery to his right knee (he partially tore his anterior cruciate ligament), Frank is not only walking fine, but running faster than ever..and he never had the surgery! Foremostly, the surgery was too invasive and risky, and he seemed to be getting better slowly on his own. He limped around for the better part of three months, but he is back on track to being Frank the Super Dog once again. Frisbee may never again be a part of his list of skills, but we manage to have fun with the low-flying racquetball and certainly we can still hike and jog together. So next time the vet tells you there's only one option...DON'T BELIEVE HIM. Vets are business people first.

Frisbee update December 2001: Frank's leg has healed as good as it probably ever will, and it was impossible to deny him the chance to occassionally play his favorite game. Thus, Frank has resumed frisbee playing on a limited and low-impact basis, and is as good as ever, if not better. What he lacks in athletic ability he makes up for in alertness and quick jaws.

November 2002: Frank is back at the top of his game in the photos above taken sometime in September. That's Makenzie in the background of the second shot, Andra's new dog. She is willing to chase frisbees and return them, and occasionally she catches a few. We expect her to be stiff competition for Frank as she gets a little older.

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