Frank Turns 5 Years Old on Halloween 2002
Ft. Collins - The venerable black and white Pointer named Frank, known far and wide for his fabulous frisbee-catching grace, dashing good looks and irresistable charm, celebrated his fifth birthday (35 in dog years) at home with his family. He received an almost empty jar of peanut butter to lick clean, extended ear massaging, and a comforter cover for the spare down comforter so he could finally sleep on the coveted blanket and not freeze his &%! off at night on the thin piece of foam that serves as his summer bed. When asked what he would like to accomplish in his next 5 years, he replied, "I'd like to find a way to more efficiently harness the sun's energy for warmth in the winter." As evidence of his continued virility even into middle age, he successfully chased off a stray cat from the backyard on Friday evening and continues to be feared by the local squirrel population, upon whom he has pledged everlasting holy war. Watch for more amazing feats by Frank, the Super Dog. 

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Page created November 4, 2002