Monday Windows at Dawn

Arches National ParkFinally, for the first and only time of the trip, the morning sky was largely cloudless. Andra and I hiked the short trail to the east side of the windows and I set up my camera in anticipation of the first few moments of morning light on the rocks. Further east, a cluster of sandstone fins harbored a light fog that lingered even when other areas cleared. The eastern horizon grew light blue, then almost white, and in a matter of seconds South Window, Arches National Parkthe rock arches before us turned from tawny brown to glowing amber to an almost neon orange. I took a few photographs, moved a few steps north, took a few more, moved a few steps south, took a few more, and then the show was over. In just about 2 minutes, the sun had breached the horizon and sailed into a bank of high clouds that diffused the light and took the edge off the blazing orange light. Nevertheless, I had gotten my favorite photographs of the trip in that 2-minute window. Andra hiked back to the car via the primitive trail while I hiked back via the improved trail, where I stopped to admire Turret Arch. As luck would have it, the sun broke through the clouds right at that moment and I was able to capture more of that wonderful morning light on Turret Arch. The sky grew more grey by the moment, however, and by the time we were back in the car and driving west towards the park entrance, almost no blue sky could be seen. 

We drove on, back to the highway that would lead us back to home, work and responsibility. Reluctantly.

South Window, Arches National Park
Turret Arch, Arches National Park

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